Rats – Facts You Will Need to Know About Them

Rats are a problem for humans for thousands of years. Many men and women confuse rats with mice, and there are a lot of reasons for this. Although they vary greatly in size, there are some basic differences in the look of rats. In my time at the extermination company, I have found a lot of men and women think that they have rats when they really have mice. Rats which are infesting a house always ask appropriate rats control products.
Mice are much more prevalent than rats. If you are not positive if you have rats or rats, you most likely have mice. I state this because some people confuse mice as rats, but nobody confuses rats as mice! This is because the rat is so much bigger, also it has a long tail.
Rats also need water to survive. There are many areas where I live where there aren’t any reported infestations of rats. As an exterminator, I typically only guess rats in a home if I understand there’s a water supply nearby. Wells can attract rats, and they are also very common in coastal towns.
Many people keep them as pets also. In case you’ve got them as a pet, then their demeanor and attitude is much different than crazy rats. Should they’ve been domesticated for several generations, they will be a lot friendlier than the typical wild rat. If a crazy rat invades your home, you should not assume they’re anything like the pet rats it is possible to grab in the pet shop. Wild rats will travel throughout your home once they get indoors. They frequently enter through the crawl space or the basement, but they can get into your home or company in other ways too.
Rats carry a wide variety of ailments. This is one of the key reasons that you don’t want them to get in your property. Regardless of the fears of many individuals, it is extremely improbable rats will transmit rabies in to humans. There aren’t any reported instances of this occurring in the United States. There are a few reported cases of this occurring in other areas of earth, but it is not likely in the United States.
They carry many different diseases also. They can often carry respiratory ailments. They do not carry fleas frequently, but they are able to carry ticks or lice into the house. A number of studies have shown that the diseases rats take depend on where they are located. Many research simply take rats from one area, so statistics about rats may not represent the people living in your region.
Rats are among the worst infestations you could get in your home, however you have to have a water supply in the region to get them into your house. Once they enter the crawl space, basement, or attic, you need to take aggressive actions to exterminate them before they multiply and become a bigger problem.